October NewsLetter

It’s Been A While
Too many of the management team have been out of the country for the winter, so starting now, we want to get some activity lighting up our Little Theatre for the next six monthsMembership UpdateMembership Support.

We are down on financial membership from last year. I had hopes of increasing the numbers from the 75 of last year, but looking at the figures we have 60 paid up.

If you are unsure of your current status check with Joy Fletcher, we don’t want to lose anyone.


Members Movie Night this Sunday at 7.30  Pot Luck Dessert


Pot Luck Banquet”

Date to be confirmed for end of this Month.

With home grown entertainment in the shape of the

15 Minutes of Glory” 

that was successful a couple of years back. 

I will be phoning around to get some help in organising this, but don’t wait, you can call me if you would like to get involved.

November Variety Concert

We will need a Director/Producer and Stage Managers along with Sound and Lighting operators, let’s hear from you if you either have skills, or know someone who might be keen to have a go at one or other of these roles.

Sponsor Support 

We are currently visiting all our past business to see if they are willing to carry on the financial support we have had over the last three years, a lot of this support was the result of Bruce Anderson’s efforts and we appreciate the increased activity he managed to create in that time. Hopefully he will still bring some shows to the Little Theatre as an entrepreneur.


Our Webpage and Facebook “windows” have slowly developed, but both need someone with skills in one or both these areas, to make them more “sassy”, and locatable, so would love to hear from you if you have something to offer here.  

Webpage location


Responses please to        Don 573 6442