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$Single Membership, $20

Under 18, Free

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The Benefits of Membership at Picton Little Theatre

As a Member you will enjoy

  • Monthly Members Movie Night, where we view classic and stage related films as part of our interest in all things theatrical.
  • Participation with the Actors Club and work on the area of Theatre Production that is of interest to you, this could be:
      • Acting
      • Directing
      • Producing
      • Lighting and Sound
      • Set and Stage Design
      • Set Building and Painting
      • Movie and Video making
  • Fun Members Night evenings in the Theatre several times a year with pot luck dinners and opportunities to entertain or be entertained, by fellow members.
  • A discount on tickets to Little Theatre Productions as well as on Hall Hire you may bring to the venue.
  • Becoming one of the owners of this unique andSub Iconic Building