20th to 22nd July “Birds of a Feather” 2 one act plays. Chook Cook and CageBirds.

About Cagebirds:
‘A play for eight women.  Birds in a cage live, each totally absorbed in her own particular characteristics.  When the Wild One is introduced into their midst by the Mistress in charge of them, she endeavours to persuade them to break out from their self-imposed dependence and imprisonment in the wider world outside – but her efforts result only in her own destruction at their hands.’

About Chook Chook:

‘This is the story about some hens in a shed.  It has a moral – and it’s something to do with confinement and the cages – political, emotional, traditional – with which life energy can be trapped or exploited to the advantage of some indifferent ‘system’.

There are various ways to respond to the knowledge of confinement: deliberate indifference, depression, sublimation in distracting activity, frustration, rage, collusion or rebellion.

What matters most is to retain the naive but crucial vision of an ideal existence.’ – Fiona Farrell